True Riches

I just got back from a family reunion with my mom and all my sisters—the spouses and kids came too. It had been far too long and just being together made me happy.

We had long conversations over yummy food, while the kids played hide ‘n seek in the background. The pool table stayed busy, and the spa almost overflowed with the number of cousins splashing around. We played our legendary family kickball game and went river rafting, all twenty of us. The last night, as my sisters and I sat around looking at old pictures from when we were kids, a smile came over me. I realized that these moments are the most valuable things I own. The true riches in life are relationships.

How to Find and Foster the True Riches of Relationships

We can get caught up as a society striving for more money and more stuff, but relationships are worth more than anything. Even pure gold. Finding and fostering those relationships takes work… but is well worth the effort. The drive to Colorado was the best use of our stimulus check I can think of. In fact, we started planning the next road trip even before we got home.

I consider myself blessed. Not everyone has a family who loves them and takes time to be together. It got me thinking about how to find and foster relationships—whether it’s by blood or not.

Here’s my list of suggestions.

Look Around

The easiest way to connect with someone is to look around, to see who God has placed within your reach.

Who do you have history with? Who lives on your street? Who understands what you are going through? Who do you keep running into at the grocery store and soccer practice and at church? What about the people you live with?

Take a hint and seek out a new friend or an old one. They may need you just as much as you need them.

Invest Time

In order to build a relationship with someone it takes time. Whether it’s a weekly coffee date or an annual weekend away, set aside time to foster your friendships. With all the demands of life, we can easily get bogged down with tasks. When we do, the habit of striving for more takes over and we forget where the true meaning of life lies. It’s in relationships.

Be Yourself

It’s necessary to say that the richest friendships allow you to be your true self. Sharing the real you takes courage and it can be uncomfortable for many of us, but I promise your relationships will only grow deeper when you do. I’ve found that tears are the glue of an authentic friendship. So be real, be yourself.

Summer is nearly halfway over and I’ve already invested in some wonderful relationships. I’ve got a few more planned before school starts and I can’t wait!

What about you? I’d love to hear how you’ve been finding and fostering the true riches in life—relationships.

Much love,


To watch the live video that inspired this post, visit my YouTube channel or turn to chapter 40 of A Prairie Devotional.

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