Let Us See

Do you ever need a fresh perspective?

Ever so bogged down with your current circumstances that you can’t see the wonder of God around you?

Yea…I’ve been there too. When I find myself in that cycle, I need a reset. A change of scenery. New eyes to behold His glory and the willingness to say, “Lord… let me see.”

By the grace of God, a sister’s trip sprang up at the perfect moment. Five days—just me and my twin sister Brenda. Hanging out in the beautiful state of Wyoming. The perfect combination of snow and sunny skies. Talking about our good God from sunup to sundown. It was exactly what my heart needed. A fresh perspective.

Tongue River Canyon

I’m not saying you need to get on a plane or visit an exotic place to see the wonder of God around you. It might be a long drive along the coast, a quiet park setting with a friend, or hiking on a trail in the rain. Or a bike ride.

A small taste of wonder has the ability to open our eyes to more. More of God’s goodness. More knowing our place in the grand scheme of it all.

Cutler Wilderness Trail

What if we made Elisha’s prayer our own from the book of 2 Kings? “Open our eyes Lord + let us see.” Maybe, just maybe, the whole mountainside would be filled with horses and chariots of fire surrounding us too.

Tongue River Canyon

Snow falling silently. Blue skies peaking out of confused clouds. Bright yellows and greens against the jagged rocks. The whole side of the mountain filled with His glory. What a wonder to see God changing a landscape, providing a fresh perspective. It’s a gift, an answered prayer—these eyes are beginning to see again.

When we ask again and again, “Lord, let me see you,” keep asking and looking with intent, He’s everywhere. In every single place and every single face. Do you need a fresh perspective?


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  1. Thank you, Wendi!!

  2. Deborah L Belmonte Avatar
    Deborah L Belmonte

    Beautiful ❤️

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